It Is Finished!

“When Jesus therefore had received the vinegar, He said, It is finished: and He bowed His head, and gave up the ghost.”(John 19:30)

When Jesus declared that “It is finished”, it was a shout of triumph and victory, because He had accomplished what the Father had sent Him do.
The work that Jesus came to do have been accomplished
It is finished therefore we can have access to God’s grace.
It is finished so by His stripes we were healed not will be healed; we were healed. (1Pet 2:24)
It is finished so we are free from sin and death.

The victory that Jesus bought has secured our healing, peace, joy, and prosperity for all eternity.
Beloved, let us receive the finished work of Jesus. Whatever “it “is in our life Jesus has already taken care of “it” when He said, “It is finished”.


One thought on “It Is Finished!

  1. It Is Finished! A very good word. Coming from Jesus was Good News at what seem a lost time. What comes to mind is It’s over now, Done, Completed, I made it! These words are a reality because of Jesus…Staying on the Cross for me, for you and you and you and you too! Happy at this moment, Thanking God for Jesus He gave us the Victory!

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