Come Forth

” He cried out with a loud voice, “Lazarus, come forth.”(John 11:43)

 Come Forth – onward or outward in place or space, forward, out.

 Jesus commanded Lazarus to Come Forth out of his grave into life. Not only was Lazarus trapped in a cave but his cave had become his grave; he was tied up, locked in a cave with a stone securely rolled in the front, and everyone had given up on Lazarus.  Are the walls caving in on you? Do you feel stagnant? Are you tempted to give up? Well, have no fear because even in that hopeless place God has not left us or forsaken us;  He is calling us out of the cave of hopelessness, and stagnation into the abundant life Jesus has provided; Lazarus experienced the resurrection and life when he came forward.

 I pray that we move forward, onward, out of every dead circumstance into abundant life; and come forth into life, health, joy, peace, wealth, riches, love, and His marvelous light.


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