Why? Why? Why?

Why, my soul, are you downcast?  Why so disturbed within me? (Psalm 42:11)

Whenever we face difficulties, we love to know the reason, purpose, or intention, so we ask the question, “Why?”

Why me? Why this? or Why that? At times our “WHYs” seem like rhetorical questions because we can’t seem to find the answer to our problems.

David was feeling depressed so he had a few “whys” to ask: First, he questioned God. I say to God my Rock,“Why have you forgotten me? Why must I go about mourning,oppressed by the enemy?” (Psalm 42:9). Then he questioned himself, ” Why, my soul, are you downcast?  Why so disturbed within me?” (vs. 11).

Beloved we must take responsibility for our lives, instead of blaming God and others; The moment he did some soul- searching he realize  where he went wrong. Put your hope in God,” David had stopped hoping in God and walking by faith; so it was inevitable that he would be depressed;for I will yet praise him,my Savior and my God. then David made a decision to rebuild his worship and acknowledge God as God and Savior.

Why, my soul, are you downcast? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise him, my Savior and my God.(Psalm 42:11).

Beloved, when our hope is in God we will not be so whiney and questioning “Why? Why? Why?” because  we will know that God has a plan for us and all things will work together for our good. Therefore, like David, we can praise our God and Savior in spite of  what is happening because our hope is in the Lord, who knows the answer and is in control of everything.


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