The Lord…My Keeper

“The Lord is my Keeper”‘..Psalms 121:7

To keep means to retain possession of , to preserve, to watch over and defend,to take care of, to be faithful to

“He keeps our  minds  in perfect peace”. (Isa 26:3)

“He keeps us in our slumber and sleep; He watches over and defends us”.(Psalm 121:4)

“He keeps what we commit to Him”.( 2 Tim 1:12)

In many  sports that involve scoring a goalkeeper or keeper is assigned the task of directly preventing the opposing team from scoring by intercepting shots at goals . Beloved the Lord is our Keeper and He faithfully prevents the Adversary  from scoring in our lives. In our lives poverty, sin, sickness, depression,  failure, worry, iniquity, fear and any wicked plan of the enemy cannot score; because  we have a Keeper who is Lord of all!


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