The Cross that Fulfilled the Law…


“For what the Law was powerless to do because it was weakened by the flesh, God did by sending his own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh to be a sin offering.” Romans 8:3 (NIV)

Throughout the Old Testament, we see several attempts to restore the bond between God and man (which was broken in the Garden of Eden) through rituals and laws. But the Law could not accomplish this restoration because it could not sanctify or pardon. This is because the the Law could not ignore its own requirements. It is the rule of righteousness, and therefore, must condemn unrighteousness. However, the fault was not actually in the Law, which was good (Romans 7:12), but it was the weakness and natural desires of man (Romans 7:7-11). If there had been perfect obedience to the old covenant and the dictates of the Law, it would have applauded; but as the flesh (the carnal and rebellious nature of man) prevailed and transgression had taken place. The Law was rendered weak and ineffective at bringing the sinner into a state of pardon and acceptance with God.

God is truly merciful because when the Law failed, He provided another mode of rescue.The Cross is a symbol of the new covenant Christ made with us. Under this new covenant, we receive pardon and a new nature, are freed from the requirements of the Law as well as from the guilt and power of sin.  The foundation of this freedom lies in Christ’s substitution for us. He offered up Himself as a sacrifice, bearing the punishment due to sinners, fulfilling God’s plan whereby mankind might be reconciled to Him through Christ. Jesus was the ultimate lamb – sacrificed in our place, there is no longer a need to sacrifice animals or perform any of the priestly rituals to atone for sin. When we falter, we can directly approach the Throne of Grace.

Therefore, what the Law could not do, Christ did – He rescued all of us from condemnation and gave us hope. Walk in that great hope and don’t allow your past to define or condemn you.


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